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Tonimer Lab Normal Spray

Tonimer Lab Normal Spray

Composition: Sterile isotonic solution of sea water.
Indications: In hygiene of nasal cavities, in children from 3 years and adults, including pregnant and elderly. In humidification of the nasal mucosa of smokers.


Sterile isotonic solution of sea water, without preservatives, specially designed to remove and fluidify the nasal mucus, in situations of dryness, colds, rhinitis, sinusitis, postoperative.\r\n\r\nThis sea water spray an anti-trauma nasal applicator, to make your application easier and safer.\r\n\r\nThis product is a medical device. Please read the label and / or package leaflet carefully and in case of doubt consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Price: Nrs. 725 Only

Price: Nrs. 725
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