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Ovulation Test Kit

Ovulation Test Kit

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Simple ways to track Ovulation at Home\r\nKnow the special 2 days of ovulation\r\n\r\nIn females, every month when there is an increase in Luteinizing hormone(LH), then Ovulation happens.\r\nIf the test result is positive, the next 2 days is the best time to conceive.\r\n\r\nWhen to test ?\r\nOvulation period just comes once in a month. You must follow these steps\r\n\r\nStep 1 : Calculate the length of Menstrual Cycle or monthly period\r\nLets take an example:\r\n- Previous period date : 11th July 2019\r\n- Last period date : 8th August 2019\r\n- Monthly period Length : 29 days (From first day of period to the first day of the next period) \r\n\r\nNote : If your periods are irregular, then take an average of last three months\r\nIn most women, the period length is 28 days, in an average \r\n\r\nStep 2 : Calculate the Testing Day\r\n- In our example, the length of the cycle is 29 days\r\n- Subtract 17 from 29 which becomes 12 Days\r\n- Start using Ovulation test kit from 12th day from last menstrual cycle\r\n- According to above sample dates, it would be 19th August 2019 to 23rd August \r\nTesting Time for best result:\r\n- Between morning 10:00AM to 8:00PM, daily at same time\r\n- The best result is received between 12PM to 2:00PM\r\n\r\nStep 3 : How to use and read the test strip ?\r\n- Put 3 drops of urine the small circle slot\r\n- Wait for 3 to 5 minutes\r\n- If the test strip shows two dark lines(C & T), it is considered as positive. The next two days is best time for conceiving.\r\n- If the test strip shows one dark(T) line or one dark(T) and one light(C), it is considered as Negative. You have to test the next day again at the same time.\r\n- If the test strip shows NO lines, the test is invalid and test again with another device.\r\n- The result is invalid after 10 mins\r\nNote : The sample of the first urine of the morning is not preferred.

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Price: Nrs. 200
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