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Clever Chek Blood Glucose Monitor

Clever Chek Blood Glucose Monitor

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Brand: CLEVERCHEK / Model: TD4239<br/><br/><strong>Details:</strong><br/>Blood Glucose meter is intended for using outside the human body (in vitro <br/>diagnostic use) at home and in clinical settings for checking sugar level in the body. The results you get from our test system can help you and your healthcare professionals monitor and adjust your treatment plan to control your diabetes better. <br/>The new CLEVERCHEK Gluco meter Model-TD4239 has the latest technology and the unique features giving best accuracy ever for better diagnosis of sugar level and better health care for home and clinical use. <br/><br/><strong>Special Features & Functions of CleverChek (TD-4239):</strong><ul><li>No coding required</li><li>Strip Ejection Function</li><li>Hematocrit Interference correction (HIC) – No Interference due to low/high hematocrit level in patients</li><li>Medication Interference correction (MIC) – No Interference from Vitamin C(Absorbic Acid)</li><li>Both Venous and Capillary blood can be tested</li><li>400 memory with date & time</li><li>Ketone warning</li><li>3 modes: General / Fasting / P.P modes</li><li>Bigger screen/LCD</li><li>Alternate Site Testing (AST)</li><li>Can be used for Neonatal Sugar test</li><li>Life Time Warranty</li><li>Comes with 10 test strips & 10 lancets in the set</li></ul>

Price: Nrs. 2300 Only

Price: Nrs. 2300
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